The Eticap System was created in 1990 thanks to three decades of business experience of Bruno Morena.
The firm continues to run the family level, soluzionando any need for packaging from the wine industry to food, from cosmetics to chemical and pharmaceutical.
Eticap System is not just construction of labeling machines.
Since the birth of our company, in fact, we design and produce any packaging solution, even the most unexpected. Offering quality, reliability and availability, we provide, in addition to labeling, bottling lines, service and modifications of any machinery, study and construction of prototypes.

Designers designers sweeping views, helped by better technology, are now used to give mechanical movements even in dreams.
Advanced machinery of any type make up for almost entirely to our needs and incorporate the constant innovations in real time.
The perfect organization of the assembly cycle, the experience and skills of the staff, ensure quality and solidity of the machines and short delivery times.

More than 1000 square meters warehouse, speed up your production steps and show how much importance we give to the after-sales service and to your work.
Our commercial, fast and skilled, not only will offer "equipment", but will meet in the best way possible, your business needs.
A rigorous administrative staff, there will be support for any bureaucratic or need legal advice and / or tax may make you comfortable.